• We add two more CNC machining centers!

We add two more CNC machining centers!

As our various orders increase year by year, our original machining capacity has been unable to meet our customer needs. Therefore, we have introduced two CNC power milling machines. These two machines are specially designed for our grate products. They are driven by gears, unlike ordinary belt drive, they have stronger power so that they can have much better efficiency.

This machine's features:
1. The bed adopts double rectangular guide rail structure, super wide joint surface, excellent stability.

2. All castings are tempered twice and ground precisely after quenching. The guide rail has good wear resistance and accuracy retention.

3. The column guide rail is a large-span double rectangular guide rail structure, and the support distance is shorter.

We add two more CNC machining centers!

What is power milling machine?
Powerful milling machine belongs to a kind of machine tool widely used in milling machine. It is a kind of powerful metal cutting machine tool. The machine tool has strong rigidity, wide range of feed speed change and can bear heavy load chip. Power milling machine spindle taper hole (power milling machine spindle taper hole) can be directly or through accessories to install all kinds of cylindrical milling cutter, disc milling cutter, forming milling cutter, end milling cutter, etc., suitable for processing all kinds of parts of the plane, slope, groove, hole, etc., is the ideal processing equipment for machinery manufacturing, mold, instrument, meter, automobile, motorcycle and other industries.

Power milling machine spindle refers to the machine tool to drive the workpiece or tool rotation axis. It is usually composed of spindle, bearing and transmission parts (gear or pulley). In the machine, it is mainly used to support transmission parts, such as gears and pulleys, to transfer motion and torque. The kinematic accuracy and structural stiffness of the spindle components of a powerful milling machine are important factors to determine the machining quality and cutting efficiency. The main indexes to measure the performance of spindle components are rotation accuracy, stiffness and speed adaptability.

Post time: Jun-05-2021