• Welcome government leaders and experts to carry out safety inspection on our plant!

Welcome government leaders and experts to carry out safety inspection on our plant!

On June 4, 2021, the leaders and experts of the Government Safety Supervision Bureau visited our factory to conduct a safety inspection on the production equipment and production site of our factory.

Because of the recent near foundry safety accidents occur frequently. The government began to take strong measures against this problem. All foundry manufacturers in the near future must go through a comprehensive safety inspection and audit. The manufacturers that fail to pass the inspection must stop production for rectification within one month. If the manufacturer fails to pass the rectification, it will be forced to shut down.

Welcome government leaders and experts to carry out safety inspection on our plant1

What they inspected as below:
1. The factory and workshop are clean, the road is smooth, and there is no oil and water on the ground; Materials and tools should be placed stably, and the operation point should have enough lighting; Lighting and ventilation meet the requirements; The safety warning signs should be complete.

2. Do not use the production equipment and technology eliminated by the state; Regular inspection, maintenance and overhaul to ensure good condition;

3. The regular inspection of special equipment and safety equipment and facilities mainly includes: (1) lifting machinery and its special lifting appliances (2) Boiler and safety accessories (3) safety accessories of pressure vessel (4) Pressure piping (5) Motor vehicles in the plant (6) elevator (7) Lightning protection facilities (8)Electrical equipment and tools (8) Steel (iron) ladle crane axle.

4. The electrical equipment and lines meet the requirements of the working environment, the load matching is reasonable, the inside and outside of the electric cabinet (box) are clean and intact, the connection of each contact is reliable without burning loss, and the insulation screen protection, grounding (zero connection), overload and leakage protection and other measures are complete and effective.

5. Cover plate or guardrail shall be set for pit, ditch, pool and well in the plant area, and safety guardrail shall be set near the working platform at height.

6. Rotating and moving parts of the equipment shall be protected.

7. The rest room, changing room and pedestrian passage shall not be set up, and dangerous goods shall not be stored within the influence scope of ladle and hot metal lifting operation.

8. High temperature baking workers wear personal protective equipment against high temperature and splashing; Do not stay in the area with inflammable and explosive substances.

Post time: Jun-05-2021